Top best 12 Pillow for sleeping reviews & buying guides

Many concern when you want to buy pillows, many questions like “What is the best pillow for good sleep?” or “What is the best pillow for healthy sleep?“….and here is the top 10 best pillows review and buying guide for your good sleep and health may help you before buying something.

Best Pillows Review & Buying GuideBest Pillows Review & Buying Guide


For having a healthy sleep, choosing the best comfortable pillows and qualified pillows is extremely important. As for shopping the right mattress, the choice of pillows is not only affecting your health but also relates to the feeling of comfort and confidence for a new day after waking up. Nowadays, there were thousands of models and pillows brands in the market, how can you pick up the best comfortable pillows for your healthy sleep?

Pillow comes in various materials, sizes, and shapes. However, this guide will help you find the right pillow for you. In this article, from my own experience of choosing pillows for myself and family and working in the bedding industry for years, I review 10 best comfortable pillows for your healthy sleep. And, before starting this, you have to notice that, this is just for reference, you should also consider your condition and concept before choosing those. Here are ten pillows that I think as the most comfortable ones:

These are 10 best pillows I pick up for your healthy sleep. If you are still getting difficulty with your neck pain, or pillow for side sleepers please check out the pillows for neck pain sleeper guide.

Top best 12 recommended Pillow for sleeping reviews

#1DOWNLITE Extra Soft Down Pillow - Great for Stomach Sleepers Pillow review

DOWNLITE Extra Soft Down Pillow - Great for Stomach Sleepers Pillow review detail
DOWNLITE Extra Soft Down Pillow - Great for Stomach Sleepers Pillow

  • Specially Designed For Face Or Stomach Sleepers - VERY FLAT By Design
  • Hypoallergenic, RestAssured Down
  • Easy Care Machine Washable & Dryable
  • Assembled In The USA Of Imported Materials By DOWNLITE
  • Standard Size 20 x 26 with 12 oz. (525 FP White Duck Down)

#2Leachco Snoogle Chic Jersey Total Body Pillow review

Leachco Snoogle Chic Jersey Total Body Pillow review detail
Leachco Snoogle Chic Jersey Total Body Pillow

  • The extra-long midsection is the perfect width for total back or tummy support
  • Supports and aligns hips, back, neck, and tummy
  • One pillow that takes the place of multiple pillows
  • Comfort and support without the extra body heat
  • The patented design was developed by a Registered Nurse and Mom

#3Leachco All Nighter - Pregnancy & Maternity Total Body Pillow review

Leachco All Nighter - Pregnancy & Maternity Total Body Pillow review detail
Leachco All Nighter - Pregnancy & Maternity Total Body Pillow

  • Two unique shapes work together for all-over body support
  • Provides equal support for back and tummy at the same time
  • Elevates and cushions entire body
  • Sham-style removable cover is machine washable

#4Leachco Snoogle Original Maternity/Pregnancy Total Body Pillow review

Leachco Snoogle Original Maternity/Pregnancy Total Body Pillow review detail
Leachco Snoogle Original Maternity/Pregnancy Total Body Pillow

  • The first and true original Snoogle
  • Snoogle takes the place of multiple pillows to help support hips, back, neck, and tummy
  • The patented design was developed by a Registered Nurse and mom
  • Enjoy cuddle comfort and support without the extra body heat.
  • Snoogle original has a sham-style removable cover that is machine washable

#5AllerEase 100% Cotton Allergy Protection Medium Density Body Pillow review

AllerEase 100% Cotton Allergy Protection Medium Density Body Pillow review detail
AllerEase 100% Cotton Allergy Protection Medium Density Body Pillow

  • 100% cotton cover with hypoallergenic fiberfill.
  • COMFORTABLE AND SUPPORTIVE: This hypoallergenic, medium-density body pillow measures 20” x 54” and takes the place of multiple bulky pillows to support your hips, back, neck, and stomach, making it an excellent choice for expectant mothers, dorm rooms, kids bedrooms, and more!
  • COMPLETE ALLERGEN PROTECTION: If you wake up congested, it could be allergens in your pillows. AllerEase’s 100% cotton allergen barrier medium-density body pillow is stuffed with a hypoallergenic polyester fill that offers complete barrier protection against dust, pollen, pet dander, and other household allergens.
  • BREATHABLE: This down alternative body pillow is made of 100% cotton which allows air to pass through the fabric, keeping you cool and comfortable all night long.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: Machine wash and dry this hypoallergenic body pillow for easy care! To clean: machine washes warm in non-chlorine bleach as needed and tumble dry low.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – AllerEase is the leading brand of allergen barrier bedding and this cotton, a multi-functional body pillow is allergist recommended.

#6Coop Home Goods - Adjustable Body Pillow - Perfect for Pregnancy review

Coop Home Goods - Adjustable Body Pillow - Perfect for Pregnancy review detail
Coop Home Goods - Adjustable Body Pillow - Perfect for Pregnancy

  • LOOKING FOR ALL NIGHT LONG COMFORT? – Our body and pregnancy pillow will help you achieve more restful and peaceful sleep. The pillow also supports healthy alignment and conforms to your every curve. Filled with a medium-firm blend of memory foam & microfiber, it will keep you snoozing comfortably every night – the whole night.
  • YOU ARE UNIQUE – WHY SHOULDN’T YOUR PILLOW BE? - Whether you're petite or over 6ft, you can customize your adjustable body and pregnancy pillow to conform to your needs. Just add, remove, or shape the fill to create different levels of support throughout the pillow. Orthopedically designed to provide comfortable support and relief for all your pressure points. Use it to bring comfort to your knees, stomach, back, and hips or simply cuddle with it.
  • PERFECT FOR SLEEPING, SNUGGLING OR JUST CHILLING – This pillow is your perfect companion whether you are sleeping, watching TV, or just taking it easy on the couch. Furthermore, the body and pregnancy pillow encourages side sleeping which is a healthy sleep position that reduces the likelihood of snoring. It’s good for your airway and even better for your partner’s happiness.
  • IS YOUR PILLOW GREEN GUARD GOLD CERTIFIED? - Our Coop Home Goods Body and Pregnancy Pillows are CertiPUR-US and GREENGUARD Gold Certified. This means they are hypoallergenic and do not contain PVC or Vinyl. No toxic or harmful chemicals here! IT`S 100% SAFE FOR YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES.
  • LOVE IT OR RETURN IT! – You can now purchase with confidence. If you don’t fall in love within 100 days (although we’re sure you will), contact us directly to return the pillow for a full refund. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Coop Home Goods Body Pillow also comes with a 5-year warranty. MADE IN USA.

#7Le'vista Hotel Collection Pillow review

Le'vista Hotel Collection Pillow review detail
Le'vista Hotel Collection Pillow

  • The cover is 50% Cotton and 50% Polyester
  • Made in the USA
  • Pack Includes 2 queen / standard size pillows - Comfortable for all sleep positions
  • Filling 100% Hypoallergenic Virgin Polyester Filling, 25oz 4D Micro Fiber in each pillow
  • Pillows measures 20 inches x 26 inches, pillows for sleeping
  • Pillows are compressed packed; opening the plastic wrap will fluff up pillows; please allow 24 hours for them to fluff up completely Machine wash in the gentle cycle with cold water and sundry or tumble dry on low when need

#8Boppy Bare Naked Nursing Pillow and Positioner review

Boppy Bare Naked Nursing Pillow and Positioner review detail
Boppy Bare Naked Nursing Pillow and Positioner

  • Polyester 90%/Cotton 10%
  • Made in the USA and Imported
  • 30 YEARS OF COMFORT AND SUPPORT WHILE NURSING: The original, award-winning Boppy Pillow provides your arms and back relief by lifting your baby to a more ergonomic position when breastfeeding or bottle-feeding.
  • VERSATILE USES FOR 0-12 MONTHS: The Boppy Nursing Pillow supports your newborn through their entire first year with propping, tummy time, sitting, or just discovering little fingers and toes.
  • Fabric Care Instructions: Machine wash delicate cycle, 30 degrees Celsius / 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Tumble dry low on delicate cycle. While drying pillow, throw a sneaker or tennis ball (wrapped in a pillowcase) in the dryer to help the pillow keep its shape. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.
  • AWARD-WINNING QUALITY: The Boppy Pillow has won several awards voted on by parents and the baby community. The most recent wins are from the BabyCenter Mom’s Pick Best of 2018 and 2018 What to Expect Must-Have Winner.
  • NURSERY MUST-HAVE: The Boppy Pillow is a registry must-have, making it the perfect gift for any baby shower.

#9Cushy Cloud Orthopedic Memory Foam Knee Pillow review

Cushy Cloud Orthopedic Memory Foam Knee Pillow review detail
Cushy Cloud Orthopedic Memory Foam Knee Pillow

  • INSTANT PAIN RELIEF: Relieves back, hip, knee, and ankle pain when used the proper way. Simply place the pillow between your thighs or below your knees to help with your specific pain
  • CONTOURED DESIGN: Best ergonomic memory foam knee pillow for side sleeping. Conforms to your legs instantly and helps promote spinal alignment
  • PERFECT SUPPORT: Provides firm support, soft comfort, and retains its shape. Other cushions don't provide near the support as ours
  • EASILY REMOVABLE/WASHABLE COVER: The pillow comes with a removable cover that is machine washable, granting easy cleaning. Tumble dry on low or air dry for best results
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Our cushions are of superior quality and we will guarantee that you love it or your money back! SIZE 12 x 10 x 7"

#10InteVision Foam Bed Wedge Pillow review

InteVision Foam Bed Wedge Pillow review detail
InteVision Foam Bed Wedge Pillow

  • Two Layer Design plus an adjustable memory foam headrest pillow in one package: This latest version is made of a 2-INCH memory foam layer on top of firm base foam, also adding a height-adjustable memory foam headrest to provide better support for your neck and head. The end result is the most comfortable wedge pillow system on the market. The U.S. Patented
  • Designed to help patients with acid reflux, snoring, allergies, or any other condition which breathing may be impaired in the supine position
  • It can also be used when you are recommended by a health professional to sleep in an elevated position after surgery. It helps reduce back pain, providing a healthy, more comfortable night's sleep.
  • This latest version comes with high quality, eco-friendly bamboo cover for both the wedge pillow and the headrest pillow. The covers are machine-washable(Size: 25" x 24" x 12"). Note: based on the number of people who want to purchase extra pillowcases for this wedge pillow, we have released an optional 400 thread count, 100% Egyptian cotton pillowcase on Amazon (sold separately and available on Amazon).
  • Every product comes with the trademark InteVision on its packaging (Net product weight: 4.7 lbs). Note: this wedge pillow is placed in a vacuum-sealed package. It will regain its intended shape after opening the package.

#11Core Products Tri-Core Cervical Support Pillow for Neck Pain review

Core Products Tri-Core Cervical Support Pillow for Neck Pain review detail
Core Products Tri-Core Cervical Support Pillow for Neck Pain

  • 50% polyester and 50% cotton
  • Made in the USA
  • THIS PILLOW IS DESIGNED TO HELP CORRECT SPINAL POSTURE OF THE NECK. The concave center cradles the head as the cervical roll supports the neck. It helps restore the proper curvature of the spine. This product is commonly used to help treat a variety of conditions affecting the neck and shoulders.
  • A VERY FIRM PILLOW: Tri-Core must be FIRM to provide therapeutic benefits. For the most aggressive correction, choose the Standard Firm option. This pillow is NOT a soft comfort pillow and you may need to adjust to the pillow over several weeks.
  • CHOOSE A SIZE: The full-size pillow is appropriate for most adults. IMPORTANT: It may take time to adjust. The pillow is working to help restore proper posture during sleep
  • YOU MAY NEED TO ADJUST to the pillow over several weeks. Immediate overuse may increase neck pain. Most users who slowly ease their way into orthopedic correction achieve the best results. Alternate between Tri-Core and current pillow while your body adjusts. The shaped center is NOT FOR SIDE SLEEPING.
  • USING A CORRECTIVE PILLOW CAN EASE PAIN from tension headaches, neck injury, and arthritis. MADE IN USA. Tri-Core Standard Firm 24 x 16 inches. Nonallergenic, 100 percent virgin polyester fiberfill. Item FIB-200. Cover 50/50 cotton/polyester blend. Fits standard size pillowcase.

#12Crafty World Comfort Master Travel Pillow review

Crafty World Comfort Master Travel Pillow review detail
Crafty World Comfort Master Travel Pillow

  • EVERYONE DESERVES COMFORT FIT FOR ROYALTY. Kiss discomfort and neck pain goodbye! The neck pillow for sleeping is scientifically tested to be the ideal pillow for those suffering from chronic neck, shoulder, or upper back pain
  • EXPERIENCE LOVE AT FIRST NAP. Sleep peacefully all throughout your flight or journey. The perfect companion for those traveling in planes, cars, trains, buses, and more. It provides optimal neck and shoulder support to give you a more relaxing trip
  • MAXIMIZE YOUR COMFORT AT HOME OR IN THE OFFICE. This is the perfect travel pillow even for those who don’t travel. The neck pillow is versatile and can be used for extra support when sleeping at night, relaxing at home or working in the office
  • PROVIDES YOU WITH THE PERFECT FIT every time. Created using high quality thermo sensitive memory foam, it easily and comfortably molds to your neck for the perfect fit. It comes with a soft velour removable cover that’s soft to the touch
  • LIFETIME MANUFACTURER MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. In a very unlikely event where you think that the pillow isn’t the "perfect fit", we offer you a lifetime manufacturer guarantee. Add the Comfort Master Travel Pillow to your cart now and experience extreme comfort fit for royalty.

When deciding to buy a pillow, here are five things to consider

  1. Material: There are different types of materials including memory foam, water, bead, gel or buckwheat shell inserts, and standard cotton fiber. Depends on your purpose as well as your situation, you need to consider carefully and choose the most suitable materials for yourself and your family.
  2. Brand and company’s reputation: Although it sometimes not tells the truth it’s essential to consider the name carefully and the place of producing your pillows, all good pillows should come with a guarantee. While the pads listed here are good values for their quality, they will cost more than a typical, ordinary pillow. That means you want to be sure the manufacturer will cover it against flattening out, damage, or other issues you might have. A reliable company that backs their merchandise can also help answer any questions you might have regarding your pillow once you receive it.
  3. Duration, Formed or Moldable: Almost everyone likes the pillow to be formed throughout the years. Other people like a pillow that can be tucked and twisted to fit into the way their bodies are lying. If you have a habit of putting an arm under your pillow, or want a side sleeper pillow you can have under your neck but also wrapped to support your upper back, you don’t want a pillow with gusseted sides or a solid memory foam pad. Shredded memory foam, gel fiber, water, or buckwheat filled pillows are a much better alternative.
  4. Your purpose when using: If you are buying a pillow just for yourself, then one size or type of pillow will be perfect. However, if you are buying several pillows so everyone in the home has one, and they can also be used for guests, a better choice is an adjustable styled side sleeper pillow like the water-filled or buckwheat filled side sleeper pillows.
  5. For young kids and pregnancy: Children need to have protection for their head, neck, and spine as an adult when sleeping. However, there will not be as much space between the mattress and their heads to fill up, so an extra-large, thick memory foam pad may push them out of alignment as much as a weak, flat pillow. Look for side sleeper pillows with a slimmer profile, or use an adjustable type to ensure that the child gets the most benefit from their pillow.
  6. Pregnancy needs a lot of support for their stomach area and may appreciate a side sleeper pillow that is both firms, yet moldable. Shredded memory foam is an excellent choice because it offers all of the support, but bends easily to form the pregnancy’s body through the night.

I do hope that you will find for yourself and your family for some suitable pillows. Choosing household products is not something easy to do, and I think this article, in some instances, will help you in making a great decision in buying pillows – a significant thing in all homes.