Pancake Pillow The Adjustable Layer Pillow review

Pancake Pillow The Adjustable Layer Pillow review detail

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  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Adjustable Layer Pillow That Perfectly Fits Everyone! Side Sleepers, Stomach Sleepers, Back Sleepers.
  • 300 Thread Count Outer Zippered Case
  • Standard/Queen Size Pillow 18 x 26 inches
  • Six Soft Stackable Inner Pillow Layers - Custom Fit Your Perfect Pillow Height
  • Softest Down Alternative Microfiber Fill. Hypo-Allergenic. A Soft Pillow.

Review overview

The Pancake is not actually “a thin pillow” but instead a package of thin pillows. This is, in fact, an adjustable pillow that lets you customize the height of the pillow by adding or withdrawing individual thin pillows inside. Initially, we didn’t want to include this pillow in the top 8 pillows for slim sleepers since it includes six dreamy soft inner pillow layers, which make it quite thick. However, since this is an adjustable pillow, you can make it fit for everyone’s preferences (thin, medium, high) – a 3-in-1 product!

The fill is made from down alternative puff gel microfibre. Down alternative has all the properties of down but is more affordable and comfortable for people with allergies. The puff gel microfiber creates exceptional fluffiness and follows the contour of your head, neck, and shoulders. The cover is made from 100% cotton with 300 thread count (a considerable high thread count index shows higher quality and comfort). The cover is designed with the 3-inch gusseted sidewall to help maintain the shape and stability of the pillow when you turn your body during the night. It is an open flip cover with a three-sided zipper so that you can quickly take out or add in the layers.

The pillow is also delivered with 30 days to guarantee the full money back if not satisfied.

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