Mastertex Down Alternative Bed Pillow Cotton Cover Super Plush Microfiber Fill Hypoallergenic review

Mastertex Down Alternative Bed Pillow Cotton Cover Super Plush Microfiber Fill Hypoallergenic review detail

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  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • 100% COTTON COVER - 300 Thread Count, They Are Truly Breathable and Does Not Retain Heat. Perfect Choice for who are suffering from Asthma, Allergies.
  • ULTRA SOFT FIBER FILL – Down-Like Fiber Filling. Classic Designed. The Perfect Balance between Firm and Squishy. 1.5" Gusset for Maximum Loft.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE - Machine Wash on a Cool Setting. Fiber Will Stay In Place. Soft to Touch & Comfortable to sleep on. Finished With Satin Piping.
  • Not Vacuum Sealed like Other Pillows, Pillow Came in a Clear Plastic Carrying Case That Should Be Great for Storage and Travel. Best Gift Idea for Your loved ones.
  • PERFECT FOR ALL FOUR SEASONS. They Also Work Great For Sitting Up In Bed To Read Or Be On Your Laptop. A MUST HAVE FOR EVERYONE!! 1 YEAR WARRANTY!

Review overview

The shredded memory foam above is just at the excellent line, but it annoys some users because they have to try adding and removing foam to find a comfortable loft level. If you put just not enough foam inside, your pillow may be too soft, and this is a big problem for side sleepers. Pillows that are not firm enough can give little support to the neck, and they are the cause for your neck’s sore.

A down pillow is a solution to this problem, and they are also the most luxurious of all fills. Down pillows are made from the undercoat beneath the feathers of duck or geese, which is fluffy, light, and soft as a cloud. However, the biggest barrier to this pillow is that it can cause allergy. People who are sensitive to feather and down will find hatred in this pillow. This is where the alternative down pillow comes to serve.

Features of  Five star’s Down Alternative Pillow

1) Down alternative fill

Down alternative pillow is filled with synthetics or natural fibers, those that mimic the properties of down. The difference is that it is hypoallergenic, which means it will be safe for highly sensitive people. The thick fill prevents dust and mites to pile up quickly like in regular pillow. Its pure cotton cover is washable and easy to clean so you can avoid mold or allergen build-ups.

2) 100% cotton material

Not only does this pillow has a thick, firm filling to offer the maximum amount of support for side sleepers, it also provides a feeling of a softy, which can compare to feather pillow, to cradle your neck and head with heavenly luxury. The pillow ensures no feathers poke through its casing to annoy your sleep during the night (feather pillow users are mostly bothered by the feather poking through the cases and sticking to their faces).

3) Double gusset sides

There are two 1.5” gussets on the sides of the pillow to add extra firmness. By these gussets, the pillow will not lose its shape while keeping the inner fill in place no matter how to change your position during the night. With this pillow, your body will always have support.

Cut in size

The pillows are available in King (20 in x 36in), Queen (20 in x 30 in), Standard (20 in x 26 in), and Europe size (26 x 26), both single and 2-pack.

Some drawbacks

The pillow is big, flat, and firm so it will remain its initial shape. People who want to twist or scrunch it into positions, especially stomach sleepers, may not be satisfied. Moreover, the thick fill and cotton material can also accumulate heat quickly. Hence, the pillow tends to hold in your body’s temperature. And finally, its durability is also less than a memory foam pillow, but the low cost makes up for it.

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