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  • The cover is 50% Cotton and 50% Polyester
  • Made in the USA
  • Pack Includes 2 queen / standard size pillows - Comfortable for all sleep positions
  • Filling 100% Hypoallergenic Virgin Polyester Filling, 25oz 4D Micro Fiber in each pillow
  • Pillows measures 20 inches x 26 inches, pillows for sleeping
  • Pillows are compressed packed; opening the plastic wrap will fluff up pillows; please allow 24 hours for them to fluff up completely Machine wash in the gentle cycle with cold water and sundry or tumble dry on low when need

Review overview

We are always not sure about the product buying online, this pillow is not an exception, but it now becomes a significant decision of the buyers for choosing this. It brings amazing benefits that make us think that it’s worth buying this.

1/ Those pillows help users feel comfortable and give us a deep well sleep. These are American products with high-quality. The material is softly and smoothly as your spouse comfort you. You will find no problem with your neck and your head when using it. Besides, not only can we use in for the head, but we can also use it to raise the legs up or some other parts of the body.

Le'vista Hotel Collection Pillow brings the sleepers the fell of totally satisfied, it’s too flexible and easy to use, we can fold it to make it thicker, but in its size, it has been good enough. Its size is 26 x 20 x 6 inches, and it suits most of you. Besides, they are quite light, with only 3.5 pounds, it’s easy to move and arrange without losing too much time and energy for tidying the bedroom.

2/ Secondly, the price of Le'vista Hotel Collection Pillow is very reasonable for everyone. One more interesting thing when you received these pillows from Amazon is the way of packing; then you have to open the plastic wrap to fluff up the pillows, the direction will tell you should wait for about a day to make sure that they were full of air and be ready to use. It’s so funny when seeing it being bigger gradually. This makes it’s so modern and convenient, the pillow is quite big and so that it will be very challenging and costly to ship because it requires lots of spaces, when they make it smaller, they can take advantage of space and reduce the shipping cost.

3/ An exciting feature of these pillows is that we can take machine wash with cold water and then dry it under the sun or even we can tumble dry on low, you know, it’s so hard for us to wash a pillow, but with this product, we can easily do that. Something we cannot do with my old pads; it’s such convenient and modern products have to be like this.


  • Cradling comfort and gentle support
  • Relive pressure point that causes tossing and turning
  • Sleep more deeply
  • For side, back and stomach sleepers
  • For all ages


  • Sometimes being scratchy

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