Leachco Snoogle Chic Jersey Total Body Pillow review

Leachco Snoogle Chic Jersey Total Body Pillow review detail

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  • The extra-long midsection is the perfect width for total back or tummy support
  • Supports and aligns hips, back, neck, and tummy
  • One pillow that takes the place of multiple pillows
  • Comfort and support without the extra body heat
  • The patented design was developed by a Registered Nurse and Mom

Review overview

With its extra-long shape, this pillow can be used to raise your whole body. It is specially designed to suit many use purposes and for many different people from kids to adults and especially suits with pregnancy. This pillow is an alternative for many other pillows, instead of using many different pillows for each body’s part, this product is an excellent choice. This pillow is incredibly helpful because, with its unique shape, it helps users feel comfortable and relaxing when they don’t need to find a lot of products like before, just only one piece that can satisfy a lot of requirements.

It brings the users the feel of soft and gentle, it’s smooth and so that this pillow makes us feel so nice and comfortable without the feel of being a scratch. We can put it on the bed or anywhere on the floor. Just like an alternative product for both pillows and bed, you can put it underground and watch TV or just lay out the carpet in the yard and then put it on; it’s so relaxing and fantastic when you were lying and watching your babies play around the yard.

With the weight of only 5,2 pounds, you can easily move it anywhere, and the size of 7.8 x 25.5 x 58.8 inches is also very suitable when it adapts to many users.

This pillow is an excellent product when it can also help us prevent health problems due to wrong sleeping postures; you can relieve your neck pain or back pain when using this. One more thing, with its fantastic appearance, we can use it as a beautiful thing to decorate our bedroom or living room, it’s so great. And we can change the cover as well as using the machine to wash it quickly without worrying about its quality after washing


  • Use for total body
  • Unique appearance
  • Soft, gentle and comfortable
  • Portable and flexible


  • Not suit for some people
  • Quite expensive

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