Foam Roller, 13 Inch, by Naturo Fitness review

Foam Roller, 13 Inch, by Naturo Fitness review detail

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FOAM ROLLER: PREMIUM HONEYCOMB ROLLER FOR SUPER FLEXIBLE MUSCLES! Do you love working out, whether playing sport or lifting weights, but often find your muscles stiff and sore? Would you like a super-effective way of improving flexibility, recovery, and range of motion? If so, Naturo Fitness Foam Roller is the perfect product for you! Manufactured from hardwearing, high-density foam, our foam roller is designed with a unique, honeycomb pattern to provide ultra-deep, professional sports muscle massage to help reduce post-workout stiffness and soreness, for improved flexibility and performance! Unlike cheap soft muscle rollers, our Foam Roller is ultra-durable and hardwearing, and won't easily flatten or soften after little use, perfect for sports and therapeutic use to help relieve sciatica and tight IT, bands. With our premium, honeycomb design for ultra-deep, targeted massage, and an extra-large 13-inch width, our Foam Roller is ideal for thoroughly massaging large muscle groups including the quads, calves and back!

  • Premium honeycomb design for targeted, professional massage
  • Durable, premium foam, won't soften or flatten.
  • Lightweight and easily carried for everyday use.
  • Perfect for therapeutic and sports use, ideal for myofascial release.
  • Extra-wide design for massaging large muscle groups.

Review overview

The Naturo Fitness one is perfectly fit for people who suffer from myofascial pain while undergoing hard training or exercises and are finding a way to relax their muscles and increase range of motions.

Design: The roller comes with a super hard-wearing foam material that is incredibly durable which is born for the deep, thorough trigger points massage! The surface is featured with honeycomb contoured grid for applying target massage. The roller is 13 inches in length, enough for the entire body massage even the large muscle groups.

Functions: The honeycomb pattern addresses stiff and sore tissues quite well and effectively. Apply before workouts as a ready stretching exercise and after workouts as a strain relief method. It is also applicable for therapeutic and everyday use.

Value: You can opt for 3-year protection with just an incremental increase in the price. The roller is offered together with the Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands, a carry bag, and dozens of instruction materials for users who are not familiar with using a roller.

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