Elite Sportz Equipment Ab Wheel Rollers - Our review

Elite Sportz Equipment Ab Wheel Rollers - Our review detail

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  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION, finally the ability to perform a correct ab wheel rollout that efficiently works your core. A strong core will help you perform a long list of daily movements with greater ease and a reduced risk of injury.
  • SMOOTH ROLLING, AND WILL LAST A LIFETIME, for such a simple device, or sure packs some punch. This lightweight, smooth rolling and compact ab wheel is as sturdy as they come. We're positive you'll find it smooth and allows you to slowly execute the perfect rollout until you get the hang of it...
  • EASILY ASSEMBLED AND WITH COMFORTABLE HANDLES, Place the steel rod through the wheel and you're ready to roll. You'll also love non-slip foam handles. The handles are really comfortable and made of a soft foam that provides a nice grip.
  • HANDY VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS ON OUR WEBSITE, we also have some very helpful "how-to videos" on our website (URL on packaging) for those that need some video instruction. It's very important to use your abb wheel properly, so you don't suffer any injuries and to get full benefits to your upper body and core. Strengthening your core will correct bad posture by distributing weight evenly throughout your body.
  • OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU, at Elite Sportz, customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority. All Abdominal wheels from Elite Sportz Equipment come with a 1-year Warranty.

Review overview

What is an ab wheel?

An ab wheel (of also called ab roller) is simply a wheel connected to 2 handles. This essential gym equipment strengthens not only abs, but also hips, shoulders, triceps, and latissimus dorsi. It can be used from beginners to advanced gymnastics based on different training levels. There are 2 types of ab wheel – single and double ab wheels. A single ab wheel is suitable for advanced gymnastics who want to boost endurance. It provides less stability and needs to work harder to maintain the movement. A double ab wheel is more stable and easy to use for beginners. Based on your interest and training level, choose an ab wheel type that brings the highest performance to you.

Which exercises can you use with an ab wheel?

As simple as it may seem, an ab wheel can be utilized for a wide variety of training exercises.

For example:

+ Ab wheel plank

+ Knee roll-out

+ Narrow-stance front roll-out

+ V roll-outs

+ Knee tucks

+ Plank to Pike

+ Single-arm roll-out

How to choose a good ab wheel?

Comfort is the top critical criterion when considering a good ab wheel. An ab wheel doesn’t seem to be easy to use as it may seem.

It requires a lot of pressure on your body (the back, the abdomen, wrist, hands), so you need to find an ab wheel that is comfortable for you to stretch your body out at maximum level. And don’t forget the handgrips!

They should be wide enough to grab your hands. Handgrips with thick and soft foams are more gentle to your hands than those with only plain plastic.

Material is the second key point to a good ab wheel. An ab wheel should be durable enough to handle the pressure of your whole body.

A good ab wheel must be wide and has rubberized tire so that you can stay safe with hardcore ab training exercises. From my viewpoint, I think that a good ab wheel to me should be made of heavy-duty plastic with metal.

Stability takes a vital part in a good ab wheel. Your ab wheel (especially single ab wheel) should be well-balanced on any surfaces. You need to check the balance of an ab wheel at the wheelbase.

Unstable ab wheels can prevent you from maximizing your workout performance. They can even result in lower back pains, and in the long run, they can destroy your back.

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