Elite Rest Slim Sleeper - Thin Natural Latex Foam Pillow review

Elite Rest Slim Sleeper - Thin Natural Latex Foam Pillow review detail

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  • 100% Cotton
  • STOMACH SLEEPING & MORE: The extra thin 2.75 inches slim pillow with ergonomic edges is specifically designed to provide maximum comfort for stomach or back sleepers who like their pillow extra thin!
  • PREMIUM 100% COTTON COVER: Removable, Machine Washable Premium 100% Cotton Cover - Standard Sized 24x16 Inches
  • SPINAL ALIGNMENT & IMPROVED BREATHING: Thin and flat design provides comfortable spinal support, may reduce snoring, helps to breathe and improves neck, back, and/or shoulder pain
  • COOLING FEATURES: Pin-hole technology provides ventilation, helps regulate heat and maximizes air circulation
  • SAFE NATURAL LATEX: Chemical-free, highly durable and long-lasting Latex is naturally anti-fungal, hypoallergenic, and dust mites and mildew resistant

Review overview

This is another slim product from Elite Rest. It seems like this brand devotes itself to slim sleepers. Their latex foam pillow has all the characteristics of their memory foam pillow and offers more advances.

It is made from 100% natural latex foam, which is preferred for their clean air, cooling effect, and posture support. Latex material reduces VOC (volatile organic compounds, can be found in many cheap pillows) exposure, no harmful chemicals exist. It also helps dissipate body heat and keep you cool during the night. Due to its properties, it can fill up negative space and is ideal for your proper spinal alignment. The latex foam is also resistant to dust mite, mildew, and fungus. Safe and clean for you during the night! Moreover, the pillow is designed with ventilated holes and embedded with an outer cotton cover which can absorb heat and moisture well. With this design, the pillow can generate more airflow and maintain an acceptable temperature for your sleep. In a nutshell, the latex foam solves the problem of memory foam: heat trap.

The thickness varies from 2.25 to 2.75 inches, most satisfied for stomach sleepers. Reviewers say this one has good cushion for back sleepers and also thin enough for stomach sleepers.

A 2.5-inch thin pillow that would satisfy all kinds of back and stomach sleepers.

The fill is made from memory foam which offers great support on specific pressure points and conforms well to your body curve (from head to neck and spine). It is resistant to bacteria, dust mite and is hypoallergenic. The pillow is featured with two different edges designs: one side with rounded edges and the other with square edges for your customization.

The cover is a combination of cotton and polyester giving both soft, comfortable touch and cooling effect for sleepers. The cover is removable with a zipper and washable.

Note: This pillow is only available online from ”Sold by Royal Firma” cannot be found in retail stores.

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