EFITMENT Slimline Motorized Treadmill with Bluetooth review

EFITMENT Slimline Motorized Treadmill with Bluetooth review detail

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  • INTERVAL TRAINING=WEIGHT LOSS: Interval training exercise burns more calories than extended steady-state exercise. This treadmill offers 9 built-in programs. These fat-blasting treadmill programs will alternate cardio bursts with slower paced bouts to maximize efficiency. Run up to 7.5 MPH.
  • POWER SAVING CONSOLE: LED-backlit display shows your speed, time, distance, heart rate, and calories burned. Listen to music using its wire and wireless Bluetooth option. A convenient pull-up tablet and mobile holder lets you keep up with your favorite shows. Built-in Body Max Index (BMI) will help you keep track of your fitness progress. Smart Console notifies you when lubrication is due, this will keep your treadmill running smooth and efficient.
  • SHOCK CUSHIONING: 8 strategically placed cushioning points helps protect your joints from the impact of exercise. Compared with road running, treadmill running typically reduces impact by about 15 to 40 percent. Weight capacity of 220 Ibs.

Review overview

This superhero from Efitment can help you go the extra mile in bodybuilding goals. There are 15 automatic inclines. You can change the incline with your fingertips without disrupting your running. Apart from that, there are 9 user programs From my personal experience in purchasing training machines, I bet this is the best treadmill for home use for running addicts.

Now, who said running on a treadmill is boring? Volume up your favorite workout playlist with Bluetooth I/O and the wireless speaker then get ready to sweat with joy. The compact running area makes it less comfortable for fast runners or tall people.


  • 15 automatic incline levels
  • Bluetooth I/O connectivity with onboard speakers for playing music
  • Pulse rate monitoring


  • Less running area for fast runners or tall people

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