Commercial Vertical Knee Raise with Dip Station and Push Up Station review

Commercial Vertical Knee Raise with Dip Station and Push Up Station review detail

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  • Define your abs, develop your chest muscles, and increase your strength in your arms and back using this one multi-functional workout station.
  • Upgraded to include commercial back and arm support cushions, you'll immediately notice the denser cushions and the high-density, double red-stitched, sweat, and tear-resistant vinyl.
  • Listening to our customers, we've modified the rubber grips on the push-up handles to cover the complete handle.
  • Consistent with the high quality of its predecessor, the upgraded XM-4437.2 features a heavy mainframe construction with a scratch-resistant powder coat gray finish.
  • Tough skid resistant feet ensure your unit helps to protect your floors against damage

Review overview

What is the power tower?

A power tower or vertical knee raise machine (sometimes also called the captain’s Chair) is exercise equipment that assists you to build muscles for the upper body. This machine looks like a seatless chair, and it is often called “the captain’s Chair when using only forearm pads to do abdominal training exercises. A power tower requires the power of the forearms to high performance. A power tower often from 3 essential parts: backrest, forearm rests, and vertical handles. This standard gym equipment is suitable for everyone because it has soft back support.

Which exercises can you use with a power tower?

The most frequent training with a power tower is a vertical knee raise. This practice is often used after a hardcore workout to strengthen your lower body. According to a study by San Diego University, the vertical knee raise with a power tower ranks in the #2 best exercise for rectus abdominis.

This activity adds up more variation to your ab workout routine while taking it to a more advanced level. Besides vertical knee raise, you can use a power tower for more exercises, e.g.: bodyweight exercises, pull-ups, dips.

How to choose a good power tower?

First and foremost, the lighter the power tower, the less stable it will be. When looking for a power tower, don’t buy a lightweight one since it is not strong enough to carry the weight of your body.

Consider choosing one that is well-constructed and steady enough so that you can be more confident to do your hardcore workouts. A power tower with a durable steel frame is always highly recommended for gymnastics.

Remember that a sturdy power tower is never cheap, but it worth every penny! If your power tower is used for many family members in your home, you should choose one that is height-adjustable.

The power tower with multiple height levels is more flexible to use than one with only one single level. Pick a power tower that meets both your height and the height of every member in your home. Check your space before getting a power tower. If you have a big room at home for training purposes, then any power tower is great. But if you are living in a small apartment, then notice the specs and choose one that fits well with your space at home. You can consider a foldable power tower since it’s well compacted for small apartments. For the comfort of your hand and your performance, you should notice the quality of foam handgrips. The grips should be thick and soft enough to support your hands, so they won’t be hurt if you have to hold the grips in a long time.

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