Brooklyn Bedding 10" Latex Mattress review

Brooklyn Bedding 10" Latex Mattress review detail

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Available in three comfort levels to fit your individual sleep style
Compressed and rolled into a 19" x 19" x 45" box your mattress is able to be shipped parcel directly to your door
2 inches of comfy Talalay Latex certified by Oeko-Tex 2015
2 inches of Dunlop Latex acting as a perfect transition from latex to the core layer
Made in USA #bestmattressever
Breathable and luxurious Talalay latex resting on Dunlop latex for a supportive and contouring surface? be prepared to fall in love (or asleep!). 10-inch mattress comprised of 2 inches of Talalay Latex, 2 inches of Dunlop Latex, followed by a 6 inches of convoluted High-Density Polyurethane foam.

Better quality of sleep and including a more comfortable temperature are possible with latex foam for the simple reason that latex does not retain heat; it has passageways for air and is a resilient foam that contours the shape of your body for proper spinal alignment. Latex also has a variety of other benefits: It's great for various bedroom activities, minimal motion transfer, very durable and resilient, hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, and mold & mildew proof.

A well-designed, quality core significantly affects the durability and longevity of a mattress. We use a high density, convoluted polyfoam block; perfect for longevity yet still comfortable so you don't bottom out. No matter the weight range, this core will not sag prematurely and will last for many years to come.

Review overview

Brooklyn Bedding is among the few online bedding companies that own factories (while the other majority has a manufacturing supplier). Their giant factory allows them to control their own materials, cost and assembly procedure, produce a higher quality products, and save customer costs at the same time. Its structure and material are worth considering.

The first layer is a 2 inch Talalay Latex, which is more of performance material. It is 100% natural Hevea Brasiliensis derived which is highly breathable, able to maintain your body temperature regardless of the environment’s temperature, moisture dissipating, and naturally hypoallergenic. It’s supportive but also gives a feeling of cloud-like hugging for sleepers. It is pressure-responsive and bounces back to its round shape easily.

The second layer is a 2 inch Dunlop Latex, also organic material. Dunlop has a higher density than Talalay which makes it a bit firmer, heavier, and more durable. It creates an effortless transition between the top soft layer and the firmest core base layer at the bottom.


  • Most comfort mattress with luxurious feeling and enough support for your body
  • Brooklyn Bedding products provide 3 levels of firmness to personalize your experience ranging from 1 to 10 scale, 1 as very soft and 10 as a very firm. The recommended level is around 6/10, which is an average of the majority of sleepers. Don’t dive into 1 or 10 unless you have very specific needs for softness or firmness
  • Adjust to all kinds of sleepers and especially side sleepers. It relieves pressure perfectly and follows your body contour. Many users confirm improvement in their hip and leg pain after using this mattress


  • Its bouncing ability can cause a nuisance sometimes as you have to take a little effort to turn or move your body.

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