Down Alternative Pillow by Five Star Reviews

Down Alternative Pillow by Five Star Reviews

Surely the Down Alternative side sleeper pillow from Five Star is your great choice if you prefer to sleep on a feather pillow rather than a thick memory foam one.

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Five Star Down Alternative Pillow 100% Cotton Fabric

Advantages of the Down Alternative Pillow from Five Star

  • The down alternative pillow from Five Star brings you the greatest amount of support. Its pure cotton material is as soft as feather, and helps hold your head and your neck gently and protectively.
  • Its length is 25 inch so even you sleep on sides, it still well supports your back and stomach in a great way. It always maintains its shape, so helps to keep you in a good position when sleeping, and prevent back tension or flexion.
  • It never flattens because its casing is made with a 1.5” gusset around 4 sides. It keeps the pillow in its shape over time. No matter how much you shift during the night, you always receive the support as you need because its gusset ribs keep the inner fill in place.
  • With people who have a habit to change their position through the night, the down alternative pillow from Five Star is a great choice. Its perfect thickness suits for any position. Even when you move, the side stitching won’t permit it to be pushed out of shape, thus you will always get wonderful support whether you are on any sleeping position, for instance, sleeping on your back, on your stomach or even on your side.
  • It is made from Hypoallergenic Cotton Inside and outside. With 100% cotton cover with high quality, it is very easy to clean material and help to cut down allergies. The thick fill pays a role as a resist for dust mites – completely different from the ordinary pillow where dust mites can cumulate quickly. In addition, its washable material also allows you to keep the pillow in cleanness always.



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