Best Treadmills for Home Use – Buying guide 2019

In today’s busy world, sometimes you cannot find time to go to the gym. I know you are occupied with tons of work, and you need a more time-saving way to keep in shape rather than going to the gym. Thus it’s more flexible to have a treadmill machine at home for use whenever you can. Have you ever wonder what are the differences between treadmills at the gym and home? How can modern people choose a treadmill that works for their training plans? In this article, I will share my personal experience on how to get a great treadmill at home.

My review of the best treadmills for home use & buying guide 2019

So here are the best 10 well-known treadmills for home use:

  • Weslo Cadence G 5.9 – Your mini workout companion
  • ANCHEER 502 Folding Treadmill – Run anywhere in your home
  • Efitment T012 Auto Incline Bluetooth Treadmill – Top favorite fat burning booster
  • BANGQIYI Folding Motorized Treadmill – A reasonable choice for home use
  • Corgy 3.5hp APP Control Portable Treadmill – Get sweat with performance in mind
  • Kaluo 2.5hp Folding Portable Treadmill – Sturdy and durable for fast runners
  • ANCHEER S8400 Electric Treadmill – A treadmill for every family member
  • BANGQIYI Folding Electric Treadmill – Latest model for comfort running
  • TOMSHOO 1100W Treadmill – Run with confidence even you are overweight
  • Kaluo Folding Treadmill with LCD Screen – Double safety for home training

Here we go!

There are thousands treadmill brands and types. I have spent few hours to shortlist the top 10 best treadmills for women.

How to pick the best treadmill for home use?

There are thousands of treadmill models on the market. So how to know which one works for you? In this section, I will share my best treadmill buying guide for home use.

Based on my personal experience in buying and using treadmills for years, there are 6 top criteria to decide whether a treadmill is suitable for you or not:

  • Purpose
  • Dimensions
  • Motor control
  • Tread belt
  • Features
  • Safety


You should ask yourself about how you will use this treadmill. Why do I put this criterion first on the buyer’s guide? Because I’m sure it will affect your workout performance with the treadmill!

If you only use the treadmill for walking, then you should choose a short treadmill. But if you want to use it both for walking and running, then a longer treadmill will be more comfortable for you.

If you feel too confused on choosing a suitable treadmill belt length for your treadmill, here are the 3 regular measures for each workout purpose:

  • Minimum belt length for walkers = 50”
  • Minimum belt length for runners = 55”
  • Minimum belt length for runners over 6” = 60”

A second reason why you should clarify your purpose first is that it affects your performance with the treadmill. If you only need a treadmill for light walking, then go for a short one with a conventional electric motor. You will save hundreds of bucks on that choice! If you prefer hardcore running (e.g.: HIIT running), then a longer one with stronger motor works best for you. If you are too tall (over 6”), then a longer treadmill has more room for you than a shorter one. Surely that the longer the treadmill, the more expensive it will be.


Based on your room space for training machines at home, you should clarify how much space you have for a treadmill machine. If you want to get a regular treadmill, then spend the time to calculate your available floor space for this machine. If you want to get a folding treadmill (which helps you save more space!), then you should be aware of 3 dimensions including Length (L), Weight (W), and Height (H). These 3 dimensions are always displayed publicly on the product information under the format L x W x H, so you can quickly know which one fits best with your home space.

A treadmill usually weighs from 250 to 400 pounds. For your safety, you should choose a treadmill that does not exceed more than 50 pounds of your body weight.

If you have limited rooms, a foldable treadmill can save up many spaces for you. There are many lightweight treadmills with transport wheels. After workouts, you can easily fold your treadmill upward and store it in a small corner.

Motor control

Motor control is the core of a treadmill. A treadmill’s control is calculated by HP (Horsepower) or CHP (Continuous Horsepower). CHP is more popular because it best describes how a treadmill can continuously perform rather than just at peak times. The average motor power of a home treadmill is around 2.25 to 4.25 CHP. The motor control differentiates based on training activity. Below is the list of 3 top workouts with average motor power.

  • Walking: >=2.0 CHP
  • Jogging: >=2.5 CHP
  • Running: >=3.0 CHP

Tread belt

There are two factors you should notice when checking a tread belt: thickness, roller, and material.


The thicker a belt is, the longer it can be used. A two-ply or four-ply belt is more durable than a single tread belt. A thick belt also provides less noise while you are running than a thin one. But picking a treadmill with a thick belt can cost you an extra amount of money. So you should think twice whether a thick belt works for you or not.

A roller is the second factor for a great tread belt. It is the metal roll that drives a track. A roller with big diameter produces less force on the motor and extend the belt’s life. The average belt’s roller is 2.5”.


Tread belt wears out over times, so you should choose a material that is sturdy and durable. The best way to test whether the belt’s material is great is by trying on the treadmill.  


Shock absorption system

Unless you are too thin, you need to buy a treadmill with shock absorption system to reduce the force that your body is transmitting to your joints and spine while you are running. When you are running, continuously create a high energy from your feet to the deck on your steps, then from the deck, there is a double force back to your feet. If you use a treadmill without the shock absorption system, your joints can be severely injured. This supporting system should have a smooth cushioning so that you can run longer with comfort. A cushioned system can reduce the force to your joints around 15 to 40 percent. Please remember that a treadmill with shock absorption system is not cheap, but it worths your investment if you are a hardcore runner.


Inclines make your training sessions more joyful with various exercises. A treadmill with automatic incline boosts your calories burned, and helps you build your muscles faster. Regular home treadmills have maximum inclines 10 percent, 15 percent, 20 percent.

Workout programs

Many treadmills today have workout presets installed. These programs are for multiple purposes like losing weight or endurance training. If you are too lazy to manually arrange workout programs, look for treadmills that said i.e. “seven personal trainer workouts.” Please bear in mind that this feature can add up few bucks for your treadmill’s price.


There are thousands of accidents related to treadmills every year so make sure your treadmill have safety tools. There are 2 basic safety indicators for a treadmills – safety key and emergency stop button.

Safety key is a small clip that sticks to your clothes. If you fall or slip while running, the key will send a quick signal to stop the treadmill machine right away.

Emergency stop button allows you to stop the treadmill when you need a rest. This button often places in front of you, near the LCD screen.

Many treadmills have only one of these two safety indicators. For double protection, I highly recommend you to pick a treadmill that has both safety key and emergency stop button.


I hope that the buying guide and the top 10 best treadmills help you have some clues on picking the right treadmill for your home. A great treadmill is not cheap, but it worths your every penny. So think twice before making the final decision. If you are a beginner, any treadmill with safety is great. If you are a running addict, you should choose an advanced one because it will boost your running performance to a higher level.

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