Best Thin Pillows for Slim Sleepers

Hi there, the article will show you top 6 best thin Pillows for slim sleepers. Scrolling through the pillow websites, it is common to read the description like “Guarantee the pillow never goes flat no matter how many times you wash it” or buyer’s comment such as “This pillow goes flat just after two weeks using it. I must return it”. It seems that people usually associate the pillow’s level of loft with its comfort and quality. But have you ever heard of “thin pillow”?

Best Thin Pillows for Slim Sleepers
Best Thin Pillows For Slim Sleepers

It may sound funny to some people as for why do you need a “flat” pillow instead of just lying without a pillow? But the fact is that “small” pillow is a life saver for stomach and back sleepers. Believe it or not, let us walk you through the world of “thin” pillows and find out if it is made for you! We also provide honest reviews on the best thin pillows for slim sleepers for you to make a comparison and choose your most suitable one. Keep reading you won’t regret!

What is a “thin” pillow?

The definition and standard for a thin pillow (or low profile – low loft pillow) vary from person to person. No specific rules are put between manufacturers as for which height can be categorized into “thin pillow.” However, the thinnest pillow up to now we have come across is at 2.5 inches in height. You can search for them under the words “ultra thin” or “ultra slim” pillow.

Why do you need one?

Why did we mention thin pillow as a life saver for slim, stomach and back sleepers? Imagine when you are sleeping on your side, your head should be positioned higher than the surface of the mattress to allow space for your shoulder and arm. With this position, you will need a thick pillow for your head, neck, and spine to be aligned well. However, if you are back or stomach sleepers, your head will need to be closer to the mattress surface. Sleeping with a thick pillow will put your head in an uncomfortable position and also put the strain on your neck while it curls up to support your head. In the long run, this can not only lead to pain but also result in wrinkles around your neck. Your shoulders may get painful too since some muscles are stretched to support your neck and head. This is where thin pillows come to serve.

Thin pillows will supply you a flat platform to rest your head comfortably even when you lay on the back of your head or one side of your face. If you are a slim sleeper, which means you prefer the low level of loft, this one can satisfy you too. The pillow is also suitable for young children whose neck and spine are still too weak to support their heads if they use thick pillows.

The reason why we do not recommend thin pillows for side sleepers is that the pillows don’t allow enough space to put their shoulder and arm. They may wake up with a stiff neck since they have to bend their head to one side during the night.

So, if you are a slim, back or stomach sleeper, keep reading, and we’ll guide you through the most comfortable thin pillows!

Top 6 thin pillows for slim sleepers:

In conclusion, slim sleepers, or back/ stomach sleepers may have difficulties in choosing their pillows due to the specific needs of their sleeping behaviors. We recommend you try and note down your acceptable height of pillow, check your allergic history, and keep a record of your previous pillows use to decide which pillow is best for you (based on height and materials). And, remember to buy from brands who offer refund guarantee because you may not find your beloved pillow in the first time! So make your comparison list according to our review right now and pick one that gives you the perfect dream!


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