Best pillow for stomach sleepers

Best pillows for stomach sleepers reviews

It is easily to have the common thinking that very few people sleep on their stomach because most of us think of such position as weird and uncomfortable at night. And to be specific, roughly only 7% of the world population are stomach sleepers. 

Best pillows for stomach sleepers reviews
Best pillows for stomach sleepers reviews

Stomach sleeping can be considered helpful since it can actually reduce snoring and sleep apnea, a usually chronic symptom with which you have several pauses in breathing or shallow breaths while you are sleeping. On the other face of the coin, it causes other serious health problems. Most stomach sleepers suffer at least once pains in some parts of their body: neck, back or joints. The pain, regardless of whatever it is, will result in a tired wake-up the next morning. 

When you sleep on your stomach, most of your weight lays on the middle of the body and this puts a strain directly on your spine. It prevents your spine from maintaining right position and gradually strain on the spine leads to stress on other structures in your body.  Moreover, since you cannot breath with your face down to the pillow, you have to twist your neck to one side, putting your head and spine out of alignment. And, very often, after a long time you sleep like this, neck problems such as herniated disk will occur. 

It sounds scary enough now? We do not seduce you to leaving your liking sleeping habit or avoid sleeping. Everything you need to do is to pick a perfect pillow. Most stomach sleepers prefer sleeping with very thin pillows or no pillow at all because the less angled your head and neck are, the more aligned you body structures are. 

If you recognize one of the symptoms we describe above, you are a stomach sleeper or you simple like sleeping flat, don’t quit reading because the following information will save your sleeping!

After researching the pillow market, we offer you our top 5 pillows for stomach sleeps with best quality, best price and most suitable for you.

What to consider when choosing a stomach pillow?

Material: Memory foam: This is the “famous guy” in the pillow market. Almost everyone knows about the magic Memory foam invented by NASA for their austronauts. Memory foam responds greatly to pressure and hardly lose its shape. Traditional memory foam offers more solid support while the shredded foam is easily adjustable up to your preferences. Shredded memory foam also solves the minus point of its ancester, heat trapping! The space among the foam pieces help dissipate air and heat quite well.
Gel filled: You can adjust the loft level of the pillow to your comfortable angle.



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