Best Gym Equipment & Machines for Six-Pack Building

Best pieces of Gym equipment and machines for six-pack building

To get fit whether at home or in the gym, you need to choose the right pieces of equipment. But without a proper understanding of how to choose high-quality equipment to make the best of your training sessions.

In this article, I will go through the top 9 favorite gym equipment and machines that every fitness addict needs for building a six-pack body. This article is based on my experience as a personal trainer. You will have some answer for the question like: “What is the best gym equipment for abs?“, or “Which exercise machine is best for losing belly fat?“, or “What’s the best gym equipment for home?“…etc

I will also note down some exercises that you can use with these pieces of equipment.

Best pieces of Gym equipment and machines for six-pack building

My review of the best 9 pieces of Gym equipment and machines: buying guide 2019

So here are the best 9 well-known pieces of gym equipment and machines:

    • Sit-up bench
    • Power tower
    • Ab wheel
    • Roman chair
    • Cable crossover
    • Fitness ball
    • Medicine ball
    • Battle rope
    • Resistance band

Let’s take a look at each equipment to see which one you should purchase right now. This review is based on my personal experience in six-pack building. Here we go!


These 9 above gym equipment are basic ones that you should consider to get for your six-pack building plan. Based on my explanation as well as the exercise types, you can pick up ones that are most relevant to your training routine at the moment. Don’t buy them all! My recommendation is that you should only buy up to 3 equipment at first, then learn how to use them with the correct techniques. Try to make the most of them with various exercises.

If you have a limited budget or a small space for gym equipment, then you should choose machine combos. Happy training!

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