Best Memory Foam Mattress Review – Buying guide 2019


For those who are looking for a good night sleep with maximum comfort, choosing a right mattress can be a challenge. There are hundreds of brands out there with different features, different quality and a variety range of price to consider. Even though there is no such thing called as the best or worst memory mattress, we will try to explain and summarize all you need to know to find your ideal mattress. So if you are still uncertain about the overall thickness, the height of each layer or the IFD rating, let’s go through this article to understand better. Of course, we will also give reviews and suggestions on some high-quality memory foam mattress for your convenience. 

Here is our 10 best memory foam mattress review and buying guide (update for 2019)


No one can decide that which one is the best memory foam mattress because this depends on the matter of perspective. Some like it soft, some like it hard, while some others just want a luxury brand in their bedroom. 

So based on the top-ten shortlist we create, if you are still confused about which one to purchase, we would highly recommend the Brentwood Home. This mattress not only provides you with a healthy sleep at night but also maximum comfort in the morning with its 3.5″ gel support layer, 2″ ventilated airflow zone and a 7.5″ high-density base. The overall height of 13” which offers medium feel is also enough to support any sleeping positions. No wonder why this mattress has received so many good reviews all over the world. Also, with the 25-year warranty, think of this purchase as an investment for your sleep. Healthy sleep, healthy mind.


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