Best Mattress for Side Sleepers – Buying guide 2020

Dreamfoam Bedding Doze 7 Mattress-Medium Comfort

In this increasingly busy world, a truly good sleep seems to be regarded as one of the nonessentials. People usually overlook their sleeping satisfaction and attribute their tiredness and diseases to other reasons such as stressful jobs, unhealthy food… The answer is “A good sleep makes a superman”. And what is one of the most important factors contributing to your sleep? – a mattress.

Very commonly, buyers opt for popular brands and base on the price to tell the quality of a mattress. However, it is you yourself that defines what a perfect mattress for you is. Have you ever wondered if you are a back, side or stomach sleepers? This makes a lots difference. Especially for side sleepers since most mattresses are produced to fit with the common back or stomach positions, they will adapt to pressure points that are different from those of a side sleeper. More specifically, instead of distributing weight evenly throughout the body like for back and stomach sleepers, side sleepers have some other pressure points for examples shoulders, hips, legs….

You may be spoiled for choice when there are hundreds of mattress brands come in all styles, shapes and guarantee. In this article, with extensive research into the market of mattress, we bring you some best brands and analyze their features to help you compare which one is the most suitable with you if you are a side sleeper. Keep calm and read! You’re on the way to your best dream ever!

An introduction

First, we would like to take you through a brief description of a side sleeping position and what problems you may face in your sleep.

Those who sleep on their stomach or back lie in a straight posture. Their spine is aligned with the help of their mattress. Since their weight is spread evenly all over the surface of the mattress, no parts of their body have to bear larger pressure. In contrast, when we are sleeping on our side, that one side supports the whole mass of the body. Our shoulders, arms,….. are at strain during the night. Also, our spine is not supported by the mattress and it will not stay straight since we have the tendency to curl up a little bit when we sleep on one side.  

Many mattress brands today are advertised with super comfort and sleep quality guarantee. However you may find your mattress is just too firm, it prevents your arms and shoulders to rest when you are on one side. This creates a space between your upper shoulder, your neck and the surface of the mattress. It also prevents blood to flow freely through your veins. You may wake up with your arms and ears numb. The mattress cannot adjust to the natural curves of your body when you sleep on one side, and it’s even more uncomfortable when you curl up. Your spine lying straight help the inner organs and the nerves function well. All of your metabolism, organs system and nerve system repair and recharge themselves at night time, offer you a refreshing feeling the next day. If your spine is not supported at night, you may wake up tired and painful the next morning. These pieces of information are further than enough for you to begin paying attention to your mattress!

You know that you need a good mattress to improve your sleep but what should you look for and consider when buying a mattress in general? We have made some benchmarks and detailed analysis between different kinds of mattress and conclude some typical features that worth considering for buyers as follow:

Features to consider when choosing a mattress

  1. Firmness: This one is flexible based on your sleeping habits (back, stomach or side sleeping). And, is there another person to share the mattress with you? Because if you have a partner, you may also take into account his/ her sleeping positions. You will have to balance between two people’s preferences
  2. Materials: Current common materials are coils, latex, memory foam,and  hybrids. Each has its pros and cons which we will explain further when compared the mattresses below. Materials matter because it supports your body, it is the main component and of course most worthy of a mattress.
  3. All the dimensions: Size is also an important question to put. No one wants to feel like “sleeping giant” on a tiny mattress, right?
  4. Warranty: Does the brand offer any guarantee for their product quality? Can you return it and get refund if the product is totally not up to your expectation and what is advertised? How long it can be used without appearing flaws?
  5. Your budget: How do you want to use the mattress, is it for a temporary or a long term usage? If you want to stick to it for dozens of years, maybe you should accept the high price. To buy a cheap one and keep buying another for the next few years is no cheaper than paying all at once for a qualified mattress!
  6. Who will use the mattress: Do you use it yourself or you buy it for your infant, your old grandparents? Each group of people will have different expectation and standard of mattress. Your grandparents may be experiencing arthritides and need a soft but can also support their spine well, for example

Keep these questions in mind when you continue to read our review for the top best mattress for side sleepers.

My review of the best mattress for side sleepers: buying guide 2019

Here is the best 8 well-known mattress for side sleepers:

  • Zinus Memory Foam 8 Inch Green Tea Mattress
  • Dreamfoam Bedding Doze 7 Mattress-Medium Comfort
  • Sleep Innovations Marley 10-inch Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress
  • Brooklyn Bedding Latex Mattress
  • Casper Sleep Mattress
  • Tuft & Needle Queen Mattress
  • Brentwood Home Cypress Mattress
  • Sleep Innovations Shiloh Memory Foam Mattress

Here we go!

In conclusion, although there are various types of mattress that fit with different preferences, for side sleepers we recommend you focus on the firmness support and additional technology such as cooling system, air ventilation system or hypoallergenic property for best option.  If you are not sure which level of firmness is made for you, you should choose the one that is adjustable to save time and money. If you have a master bedroom and want something that is luxurious regardless of the price, those King and Queen size, expensive but high quality mattress such as the Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Mattress. Write down our suggested question from the beginning of this article and make your own benchmark to choose the right one!



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