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Sleep Innovations 12" Skylar Gel Memory Foam Mattress, King

Having a nice sleep is needed for everyone because it makes people feel healthy and fantastic when waking up for a new day. Sleeping is the time for the body to relax and saving energy for the next working day. It’s believed that people should spend at least eight hours for sleeping to have a good status and refreshing mind.

When people have a nice and deep sleep, it will be so exciting for the next working day with full of energy. In order to achieve this, a good and suitable mattress is very necessary to help. Choosing a comfortable and suitable mattress is not something easy to due with specially when you have to choose the right mattress for overweight people , there are thousands of choices in the market nowadays and this make the customers confused when making decision to buy mattress. It is usually believe that mattress is something general and it can be used by many different types of people; however, each kind of mattress is usually with only one or some typical people and it make customer more difficult to choose a suitable one.

Sleep Innovations 12" Skylar Gel Memory Foam Mattress, King
Sleep Innovations 12″ Skylar Gel Memory Foam Mattress, King

Most people are able to buy any of the many different types of mattress which they  like, but if you are overweight or classified as obese, you need to be cautious and informed before you buy. Looking for a best mattress for heavy people is very necessary because you have to make a decision of buying a comfortable and supportive mattress for heavy man/woman, this is extremely affect to not only their health but also their feeling. A mattress for overweight people cab be made from many different types of materials and your duty is how to select the best one for yourself. When you choose aright mattress for overweight people, there will be a lot of things that you should care and consider carefully. With this article, you will be suggested and introduced some tips as well as some noticeable features of mattress for overweight people that you should give a look at when making a selecting decision for a comfortable and supportive mattress for heavy man/woman.

To guide you how to make the best of choice of the right mattress for overweight people, we present an unbiased report on the factors to consider while purchasing a mattress for overweight people. By analysing various important aspects and listed the best mattresses available online on the basis of their features, reviews, and purchase price, we will offer you a lot of valid tips and information. Go through this guide and product description, and choose a perfect mattress for your needs. To know which one’s the finest, we have weighed the products on various metrics to determine their worth. The following gives an idea why the products should form part of your considerations and if you follow these, we can say that your decision will not make you disappointed.

Top best mattress for for overweight people for who wanting to find a comfortable and supportive mattress for heavy man/woman.

As mentioned bellow, there many things to consider when making an expenditure for a mattress for overweight people, here are some important things that we think you have to consider especially as your priorities when buying a mattress.

10 features and tips for choosing comfortable and supportive mattress for heavy man/woman

  1. Top Ratings

The more people choose the product, the higher quality it has, top ratings tell us that the other customers who previously purchased are more than satisfied with the mattress. If the mattress is good enough, it will meet their expectations, and they will be sleeping better than ever before. Top ratings often relates best sellers, so they kind of go hand in hand, but, it’s still important to buy the right product for you, not just what everybody else has opted for. Therefore, even if it’s not a top rated or best seller, that doesn’t mean it is not suffice for your requirements. However, considering about rating is not a waste of time and in some case it helps you a lot on making a decision about choosing which product.

  1. Best seller

Choosing a best selling mattress at an online store is a wise option to go for. It is the advisable way to proceed because there must be good reasons that the product earned the “Best Selling” tag. But, it’s possible that in spite of being the most popular seller, it does not meet your expectations or specific requirements. Therefore this leads back to the point mentioned above about checking the description properly. Many people had chosen a product can give you an evidence that this is a good one, but in some case, you should also consider carefully because it may suits with majority but it doesn’t mean that it will be suitable with you.

  1. Consider and check the mattress carefully.

First of all, look at the product you are going to buy. If specifically looking for something for a heavy person, it should be ideal for your weight. Considering some reviews to have an overall view about the mattress you tend to buy to know whether it suits you or not. Your purchase also needs to be of durable quality, comfortable, and supportive. Otherwise, you have to compromise with your sleep, and this will lead to serious health disorders. Moreover, this sleep deprivation can result in decreased concentration that will seriously affect your work. Checking carefully may take you a lot of time but I will help you to have a suitable one without spending time for changing it in the future.

  1. Best Price

Considering about the price is something that we always do in making a buying decision of any product, not only for buying mattress. Choosing a suitable product is very hard but, finally it all depends upon budget. You may not be ready to spend your hard earned money because the seller claims it to be the best mattress online. Extensive research is necessary before zeroing on the one you wish to buy. It’s will be very uncomfortable when you have chosen a very nice mattress but your budget is not enough, right? So, take a look at your budget and the price of product then making a great decision.

  1.  Choose a firm mattress

It usually has typically three levels to indicate a mattress’s firmness – soft, medium, and firm. For overweight people and sharing couples, you should choose medium or medium-firm support because this firmness level will provide strong support for the weight exerted. Additionally, it will uphold the comfort level resulting in a good sleep. Choosing a suitable firm level is very important to solve your problem. A firm support is the suggested mattress for back problems such as slip-disk or lower back pain. If the mattress was too firm for the obese, it would eventually cause pain in the joints or many different health problems relating to sleep. On the other hand, soft would sink too much for obese people and thereby, disturb their posture. It will make you uncomfortable and hence, it is not advisable.

  1. Support from edge

Many mattress have a saggy edge when using in long time, edge support ensures that the edges do not collapse at the ends or sides. We all sit on the edge of our bed from time to time. However, even without sitting, with regular usage, it’s almost inevitable that someday you prop down on the edge in the morning and it collapses unexpectedly. It will surely ruin your morning and you will not have enough energy and health to work effectively. You should choose a mattress without any problem relating to the firmness of its edge to prevent this. Firm edge is something that you should keep this factor in mind when choosing a mattress.

  1. How thick the mattress is?

It is believed that the ideal thickness of a mattress for heavy people or overweight couples should be at least 10”. This 10’’ thickness can be split into at least two or more layers. The support layer of high density foam which acts as the base, or platform and the optimum thickness should be a minimum of 5’’. Overweight people are more heavy than anyone so they exert more pressure and therefore, the support layer should be able to handle this pressure right down at the bottom. Moreover, the comfort layer which is the top-most, and again the thicker the better. It can be made of any material, usually memory foam or latex. When you have a strong support beneath, the comfort layer should help cradle, comfort, and support in having a good, sound sleep.

Choosing a suitable thickness for your mattress is not some easy thing to do but it’s vital enough for you to spend some time for this.

  1.  Bariatric

Almost every overweight people would likely require something known as a bariatric mattress. However, not every mattress for overweight people is known as bariatric. Some are simply made thicker, or more durable and are tailored for the overweight, as opposed to medically researched and more expensive type known as bariatric which is more suited for the extremely obese. Whether there is bariatric mattress or not, you should consider carefully and choose your best suitable mattress in your case.

  1.  Breathable

It is extremely desirable for overweight people or heavy couples sharing a bed to have a mattress that provides good ventilation. No matter the weather is hot or cold, it’s common for obese people to become hotter than others at night. A mattress that does not provide ventilation does not dissipate heat produced. A breathable mattress will absorb the heat and dissipate accordingly thus helping stay cool. Besides, having a free-breath mattress also better for your health than using the non-breathable one

  1. Choosing a suitable types of mattress

Choosing a suitable type of mattress is extremely important but it’s also very hard to do. Following is a look at the different types of mattress for obese that you can take as references.

  • Innerspring

  For heavy people, an innerspring mattress is a feasible option . The innerspring can be made of various different coil arrangements. In addition, it also gives good edge support and good ventilation too. If you tend to buy a mattress for sharing couples, the pocket spring is not a bad choice considering the minimal motion isolation from partner to partner based on the individually encased and functioning coils. Yet, there are issues with these mattresses which obese people need to consider. They may tend to produce noise when used frequently and they are not as durable as the above with time.

  • Latex

 If you are tending to buy a durable and comfortable mattress, latex mattresses is a good choice, it famous for its durability and good ventilation. These two attributes are a necessity for overweight people. You would not like your mattress to collapse within just a few years of purchasing it. Additionally, good cooling ensures you don’t feel restless while sleeping. Moreover, the springy nature of latex makes moving around and changing position quite easy for those who would normally find it difficult.

  • Memory Foam 

Although there are different kinds of mattresses available online, memory foam mattress is still a wise option for a heavy person (or couples) as it provides a good cradling support which molds around the contours of your body. If purchasing a memory foam, make sure it is gel, as this type keeps people cool at night unlike traditional viscoelastic which can sleep hot. A noticeable advantage of this is the increased response time. Essentially this means that when changing position, the gel comfort layered surface will flatten out quicker than viscoelastic surfaces, thus making changing sleeping positions easier throughout the night and there for making the sleepers comfortable.

  • Hybrid 

This is the newest addition to the market and it has been chosen by many customer recently. This kind of mattress is a good option for the overweight because the combination of two materials can be tailored more than with one type of material. For instances, with a hybrid, the top (comfort layer) can be a springy yet durable layer of latex, but with a spring base. This would drive the overall cost down, making a much more affordable option.

After considering these important features, here are The Best Mattress For Heavy People Reviewed that we have made for your better choice.


Bellowing is an description about the features as well as some tips that you have to consider when choosing a mattress for overweight people. You can take it as your references and when you are clear with your requirements, you can choose the right mattress for overweigh people. Moreover, affordability and durability are also matter and that are something you have to give a look at. You have to make sure that the product is within budget, it has no reason to believe that an expensive mattress will be better a cheaper one so you should consider your budget as well as your situation to choose the most suitable one for both sides. Additionally, heavy people have to purchase mattresses that can meet required support without compromising on the comfort and ventilation levels.

Most of the mattresses focus on firmness, comfort, and ventilation. But, it’s also very important to know that edge support is equally important in the long run. You have to choose a durable mattress if you would not like your mattress to be saggy on the edges. The above listed mattresses deal with all the factors listed according to the needs of slightly larger or obese people. A decent, reasonable mattress can surely help to solve your health problems like backache, joint pains, sore shoulders, and at the same time bring back your deprived sleep rejuvenating your body for the day ahead. And last but not least, you should take this article as reference and suggestion, the decision is belonged to you and it’s your duty to consider your own budget as well as your situation to choose your best mattress.

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