Top 10 Best Foam Rollers Reviews

Best Foam Rollers Reviews and Buying Guide

You are an endurance runner or a participant of an arduous sport, who usually suffer from stiffened muscles or myofascial? You have been searching for shoes and clothes and even drugs to help alleviate your painful issues but still in vain? Now, it’s time you picked a foam roller!

Best Foam Rollers Reviews and Buying Guide
Best Foam Rollers Reviews and Buying Guide

What is a foam roller 

Foam roller is a self-massage equipment that helps release muscle tightness or trigger points. If you want to use another fancy word, you can say self-myofascial release instead of foam rolling. This is a technique derived from an old mysterious technique only performed by athletes, therapists and coaches to serve daily practice. The foam roller is a support tool that help you carry out this technique more easily and effectively. 

Let’s explain how the foam rolling benefit your health. Normally, your muscles have functions such as being elastic, healthy and ready for any spontaneous motions. However, with repetitive motions (such as distance running or daily workout), the fascia (the connective tissue surrounding your muscles and some other parts of your body) can be stiffened. Your muscles can be torn due to your movements but the muscles can repair themselves. After the repetitive process of tearing and repairing, some knots will form and later become trigger points. The trigger points increase tension in affected muscles and lead to pain and tightness. 

The foam rolling technique applies pressure to your specific trigger points and supports muscles recovery back to their normal functions. Instead of going to the physician and ask for help, you can use the this self-massage method to control your healing and recovery process by exerting pressure to precise painful locations because only you know what happens within your body! 


Thé first foam roller was the standard 3-foot pieces of white foam and if you ask someone to buy one for you, they would get only that one, no better alternatives. But the market is changing now and so do the types of foam roller. 

  1. Standard, white foam roller: Most in 3 feet long and 6 inches in diameter. This one caters for everyone from all levels of fitness. If you have never tried a foam roller before, this one may be the most tender. Try this before you meet the more aggressive ones!
  2. The Grid: When you have been familiar with the standard one, this maybe a step up to another level more than just foam!
  3. The firm rumble roller: We recommend this one when you’re in healthy conditions only because it provides extra firmness. This one helps to alleviate pain in hamstring and gastroc muscles. You can also use it for more serious issues such as correcting illiotibial band issues and releasing piriformis pain.
  4. Extra firm rumble roller: The most aggressive one in the market of rollers. Make sure you’ve been familiar with the lower firmness level above before moving to this one as it can be extremely painful. Yet, it keeps your muscles pliable and in ready condition for arduous practice.

Now that you’ve had the big picture of the rollers market and known already if you are in its target customers or not, let’s move on the next part : Our top 10 best foam rollers. We’ve been doing thorough research into this market and conclude on the best ones among hundreds of brands. Keep on reading because we’ll save you a fortune!

Top 10 best foam rollers you must know:

Finally, we’ll give you a checklist of things to do to pinpoint the most suitable foam roller for you and tips on using it:

  • Try rolling back and forth across various parts of your body for 30 to 60 seconds.A hurts-so-good sensation is acceptable; wince-inducing pain is not.
  • For patterned rollers, consider which pattern is suitable with you
  • Keep in mind the company’s policy in supporting users and customer service
  • Do not roll over bony areas, such as your kneecaps.
  • Be careful rolling over a serious painful area; heavy direct pressure could worsen already inflamed tissues.
  • When working on a trigger point, repeated shorter bouts are better than one longer bout. Likewise, two or three shorter rolling sessions throughout the day are better than one longer session when you’re addressing trigger points. After working an area with a trigger point, do some light stretching, ideally active isolated stretching.

We hope our information has helped you determine your suitable foam roller and be happy, be healthy with it!


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  1. The rumbleroller is the best! I used it regularly and it’s so good for getting into nooks and crannies. I also combine foam rolling with my absorbine jr liquid to warm up my muslces a little before rolling.

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