Best Dumbbells for Home Gym – 2020

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells (Pair)

It is definitely beneficial for everyone to work out at home instead of spending time and money on going to gym. However, besides some benefits, taking exercises at home also has some drawbacks, it is no double to say about the gym is that you will be able to choose from a plenty of weights and types of dumbbell for various purposes.

Dumbbells are the best choice for exercises at home thanks to its convenience and reasonable price as well as the fact that it is an easy-to-buy thing than another tool for taking gym at home. In reality, you want to choose the best dumbbell; however, there are many choices in the market so you are usually confused about what to choose and how to pick the right dumbbell for your body shape. There are many types to choose, you may want to find the best dumbbell for body building or the best dumbbell for six packs building. According to your goals and purposes, this article will give you some tips about how to pick the best dumbbell for your own.

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells (Pair)
Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells (Pair)

With some people who do not like going to gym, they usually turn their house in to their own gym with hundreds of gym facilities, however, this may take a lot of money and space. With the appearance of new exercising tools, it is no longer difficult for you to choose the best dumbbell for yourself. You can still have a great workout because one or two right-sized  pairs of dumbbells is just enough to meet your needs. To do this, these amazing dumbbell offer flexibility in the changing of weight for different purposes of users.

Dumbbells can be used for weight preparing and in also for full-body wellness. An adjustable dumbbell is the best dumbbell for body building and it’s awesome to help the users to approach the workout at home or at the gym. There are a various activities that you can do, and choosing the suitable weight can be effectively acclimated for address your issues.

You often wander how to pick the right dumbbell for your body shape, it come with a lot of thing to consider. Firstly, selecting the right weight for your dumbbell is an important process that you should not overlook. For different exercises, skill levels, and physical abilities it necessitate different dumbbells. Remember that it is always better for users to start light and then add weight in small increments for further practices because starting at too heavy level may lead to strain or injury.

How to pick the right dumbbell for your body shape?

As many other sporty facilities, choosing a suitable dumbbell is not something easy to do, here are some things that you need to consider carefully before make a purchase.

1/ Decide what your goals are?

Practicing with a dumbbell may help to improve many things in of your body, however, not any dumbbell satisfy all practice goals. Therefore, before select an item, you should carefully set your goal on mind.

You want to develop a single muscle group? To gain stamina? or To perform a better curl?

Depending on typical goals, we have different choices, for instance, heavier dumbbells are nice for building muscle, while lighter items are preferred for stabilizing muscles to support joints and tendon.

Note your goals down before and during your practicing process with your dumbbells. By doing this, you can be more focus and modify or you can adjust your intentions when a goal has been met. For example, you might write, “I will be able to do a set of eight bicep curls with 40 pound dumbbells in the next three months.”

2/ Choose suitable weight

A good weight range for a dumbbell would be 1kg-50kg as a basic standard set for the users. However, the users usually require different ranges and different increments for many different purposes.

Depending on the steps of doing exercises, you might want different weights of dumbbells. Take an example, for a basic curl, you might be able to get an 15 pounds dumbbell. But if you’re doing a squat, you might choose the set with the weight of  20 or 25 pound. Likewise, in case you are learning a new exercise that you have not done before, you ought to start light and concentrate on building proper form first, then adding weight.

The next thing to remember when considering weight is that you should not settle for only one set of dumbbells. Make sure that you have a range of different weights to tackle with the various exercises you want to practice. For beginners, it would be great to have three sets of dumbbells for different weights:  a light dumbbell, a medium one, and a heavy one for many practices.

It would be helpful to begin new exercises with a lighter dumbbell for a proper form and technique. After the first period, the next two to four weeks of regularly practicing, you then may be ready to deal with a heavier dumbbell set to do that exercise.

3/ Selecting right materials for your dumbbells

It often comes to mind that it is not the problem when choosing a material for dumbbells; however, in some cases, it may make the buyers confused. Urethane dumbbell is more durable and has better quality than rubber one, with a commonly 3 year warranty. SBX is also a considerable choice, dumbbells made from this are synthetic, odourless hardwearing rubber. This kind is also regarded bridge between natural rubber and Urethane with two year warranty. The next common material is rubber, which is tough natural material therefore, it is thick for durability, besides, dumbbell made from this special material is easy to grip for functional exercises and have one year guarantee. In addition to this, stylish classic steel dumbbells also attract users with its advantages. You have to choose a suitable type of material for your own, it also depends on your goal and your budget.

4/ Who are you and how frequently do you use your dumbbells?

For different people, it will be different to choose a right dumbbell, bellows are some suggestions:
–  For heavy weight: You should choose a weight range which ends on a heavy weight, for example: 50kg. Besides, you have to make sure that the dumbbell is made of a strong material because it may be dropped due to heavy rep sets and progression, in this case, urethane should be your choice.
– For people with personal training: You should have a variety of weights from 1-20kg to work fine in many exercises. Rubber and Steel should be chose as materials due to the infrequent use. 
– For beginners: A dumbbell type with an attractive design to inspire you is necessary, you also need to consider the weight increases, it should be gradual (1kg). A lower weight to avoid hasty progression is also helpful.

5/ Join a firm workout program

Get a qualified professional trainer to evaluate your strength and give advices which dumbbell weight is right for you. In order to provide you with guidance and show you how to perform certain exercises properly, many gyms and workout programs now have such professionals on hand. Let the trainer know directly that you’re beginner of dumbbells and you need their thoughts about which would be best for you. If you are taking this for doing exercises at home, a firm workout program and a practicing schedule is efficient, follow what you plan and note down the result every week or month to make sure about what goals you have met and what are forgotten.

Top 10 best dumbbell for your body shape

After considering carefully the above points, it’s time to make an purchase on your great dumbbells, here are some typical suggestion that you may like.

Steps to use your dumbbell effectively at home

1/ Choose the weight according to your strength level

Let’s work out with very light dumbbells until you’ve mastered proper form for each exercise you’re doing. Firstly, you should begin slowly with an easily controllable dumbbell; next, add weight gradually, one or two pound increments when you have build strength.

For example, you may begin exercises with weights at five pounds, then you find that they are not giving you with enough  challenges. In this case, you should add small weight, working up in gradually increments. Not suddenly jumping up to ten when five pounds is not enough, let’s try six or seven first.

You should recorde how many reps you did for each exercise and the weight you chose for that, then judge that whether it was just right or too light or too heavy for you. In addition to that, you should choose the weight that’s right for you by listening to your body before decide what’s right for you. Let you choose what really suits you, do not choose a weight based on what people of your age and gender are lifting.

2/ Know when to add more weight for your dumbbell workout

When you have already found the suitable dumbbell weight for your exercises, let’s start to add one or two pounds at a time to meet the needs of your goals. Unless you are feeling a moderate to intense muscles strain after taking 15 reps of a given exercise, it’s time for you to put some more weight or procure a heavier dumbbell, or change the exercise.

The next thing to do is that you should carefully monitor how many sets and reps that you can make continuously and, put on the amount of weight you’re lifting by adding one to two pounds when you think that you can do more than your target of repetitions.Then, you can change the targeted muscle by incorporating different exercises for the same muscles. Try another exercise if you are not feeling strain with the one you are doing to develop more complete strength.

3/ Recognize when you’re trying to lift too much

The key thing to remember is that you should never begin with a heavy weight and work your way down.

When you first start with a particular weight, if you cannot handle  more than six reps of an exercise, that one is too heavy for you. Don’t choose that one and select a dumbbell which is one to three pounds lighter, depending on what is available. Adjustion in small increments will help you  get the best possible weight for your exercise.

4/ Exercising with your dumbbells

Learn how to squat. The best dumbbell for body building will be the one suitable for squat. Hold the dumbbells in hands at your hip or shoulder level. Then, hold the dumbbells with your palms facing shoulders or hips. In both hands, grip the dumbbells while you lean back on your heels and lower yourself down as sitting. Bend at your knees to a ninety degree angle and return to a standing position. For keeping your knees safe, you should keep them aligned vertically above the ankle and you shouldn’t let your knee extend past the toes.

Try a dumbbell tricep extension. To practice this, firstly, you should sit on a flat bench or box, then, keep your dumbbells a few inches apart behind your head in vertical orientation. Next, bend your elbows and lift the dumbbells up over your head still your arms are totally extended above your head. Remember to keep your head facing forward and keep your back straight during the exercise.

Practice the dumbbell bent over row. Firstly, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold the dumbbells in your hands. Next, bend your knees slightly and lean forward from your hips while keeping your back straight. After hold your arms straight below your shoulders, you then slowly raise your arms until your elbows line up parallel with your spine. Finally, slowly lower the weights back to the starting position, then repeat for the targeted number of reps.


In conclusion, choosing a suitable sporty tool is not easy to do, after reading this article, I do hope that you will find it much easier when buying dumbbells for doing exercises and know more about what to consider typical feature of a dumbbell. These information bases on our own knowledge and experience, you should take it as reference to make your decision. Hope that you will pick a great one and enjoy it with nice result!

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